Washington Asia Pacific American Film Festival successfully concluded

Chineseindc.com (published 08.05.21) – Washington DC News, the 21st Asia Pacific American Film Festival in Washington successfully concluded on July 25. Although the film festival was basically screened online, the closing ceremony was held at the AFI Silver Theatre American Film Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland. The ceremony also screened the movie “Girl Away from Home” by Mallorie Ortega, a local Rockville resident in Washington. “The Girl Who Left Home”).

The film festival opened on July 15th, showing 55 films from nine countries, reflecting the life stories of American expats in these countries. The films participating in this film festival are all independent films. It is worth mentioning that food has played an important role in many of these movies.

There is a film about Chinatown, “A Tale of Three Chinatowns”, filmed by Lisa Mao and Penny Lee. The film covers the Chinatowns of Boston, Chicago and Washington, about their history, residents and current situation.

The festival also promotes diversity, including documentaries that reflect sexual minorities. The homosexual documentary “Sexplanation”, filmed by Alex Liu and Leonardo Neri in collaboration with sexology experts, researchers, and his own family, tried to deconstruct the long-term coverage of sexual humiliation in American society, and also revealed the current school There is also a lack of the reality of sex education, especially on topics that involve non-heterosexuality. 

The awards of this film festival are all voted by the audience, and the six awards are the so-called ” audience awards ” .

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